Tuesday, 25 May 2010

After the madness the dust settles

House selling.
Thank you for getting rid of HIPs. Sadly the £200 was already spent and the solicitor seems to unwilling to refund despite not delivering the services that were contracted. I am sure that there is a sub-clause somewhere that they can use to wiggle out of the loophole.

House buying
We have seen many, rejected most and we are hoping that a few more come along that are what we are looking for. We have found one that we quite like but it seems tobe a bit of a minefield. Firstly the house is not in good condition but after an inspection by a builder we are happy that it is structurally sound and worth having a surveyor look at it. We made an offer as did a mysterious cash buyer. Both have been rejected as the buyer wants the asking price (yeah right) despite putting a card in each room asking ney pleading for offers. The other bid also seems to sometimes disappears when talking to the estate agent almost as it is designed to push our bid up. We have sent an offer with the justification of why it is so low to the solicitor of the people selling as they are getting dsivorced and appareently cannot be civil to each other. Thisone looks like running and runnning but even with all the work it represents the best value for money.

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