Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Change of Government

Only the second change of government that I can remember, the last being Blair succeeding Major in 1997. The end of an era and I hope that history treats Gordon Brown well as he has improved the lot of schools hugely in his time as Chancellor and I worry for the direction of education under the Conservative government.

Gordon Brown always seems to me a good detail man but maybe lacked the flair needed to see the bigger picture but his heart was in the right place and he seems to have been taken off course by both issues that affected all parties (expenses) and the world (banks). Next stop the back benches and then the Lords at some point although his knowledge of finance I am sure will aid his future career options. Good luck Gordon you tries hard and I don't think the media every gave you a chance - we didn't like Blair because of the spin and we didn't like Gordon because there was a lack of polish!!

Next stop a coalition. Could be interesting to see how this will work. I hope that the Lib Dems can take the edge of Conservatives more outlandish ideas.

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