Saturday, 21 August 2010

Becici, Budva and Petrovac

Three of the resorts on the Montenegrin coast all differ vastly in character and the levels of enjoyment that they bring.
Budva old town is a beautiful old medieval Venetian towns with winding streets, elegant courtyards, decent if expensive restaurants and it is a lovely place to visit. The buildings are mainly reconstructed after they were mainly destroyed in the 1979 earthquake and I wish that they had been a bit cleverer hiding the air conditioning units that are necessary if unattractive. The area attracts the rich and famous of Balkan society and also stocks Jaffa Cake Ice Cream. Close to the old town is the tacky bit with the ubiquitous shops selling tourist tatt and I this is the area that I enjoy least.
Becici apart from a nice beach and a row of nice bars is over developed and the infrastructure has yet to catch up meaning that there are major traffic jams in the area and large areas are still being built. The government bans building work after May and after a little persuasion (like confiscating keys) there is noise but the building sites still remain. It is a shame that after the economic melt down in the early 90's the same building restraints had been put in place.
Petrovac is my find of resort, laid back, low rise, well gardened. From the areas along the Budva Riveria this would be my choice. A on the other hand disagrees.

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