Saturday, 21 August 2010

Biogradska Gora - Picture of the Day 09/08/2010

Is a 54 square kilomtere National Park located in Montenegro and was a short journey to where we were staying. We went to Lake Biogradsko and did a circular walk around it. The area is stunning and the forest in this area is virgin having never been cut down and is described as primeval. There are a serious of steep sided mountains containing glacier lakes and swift streams. There are lots of animals and despite my best effort I did not see a bear (well there are not many left). 1 other animal we did not see were the Tiger Mosquitoes that the man in the visitor centre warned us about describing them as tiny but "bite like crocodile" after using insect repellent we kept most of them off but some of them got in at A's waist and she was left with three of the largest bites I have ever seen - this also led to a comedy incident in an Apoteka trying to buy Bite Cream.

This is what the area looks like

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