Tuesday, 24 August 2010

How to cross a border

Sandra was the rep that took us through the border from Montenegro to Croatia. There was another group who were heading in the same direction but were going to the airport.

As we approached the border we had a lunch stop as Sandra thought we had plenty of time but then she found the flight was an hour earlier so we hurried into the minibus and drove through the Montenegrin border and into no-mans land. This is where we joined the queue which must have been two miles long and Sandra knew we were not going to make it.

They were considering driving up the lane reserved for traffic coming towards us when a coach decided it was going to do that and we followed. As we went up the hill we found traffic coming towards us and we blocked the road until someone let us into the queue.

As we got close to the border post a police van came up behind us and I thought we were for the high jump but it turns out Sandra and the policewoman were school friends and we got an escorted ride. The car that tried to follow us was made to go to the back.

The couple made the airport in time.

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