Saturday, 16 October 2010

House situation

It is still for sale. I have had any number of viewings but believe that I need better prepared viewers as if they have even a little more cash they go for a house with an extra reception room but in poor condition.
It is now getting to the point where I am beginning to hate my house and am second guessing every decision. Should I have painted it that way? Is there any thing else I could do? Was that the correct carpet? Did I put the loo seat down and will that affect whether they buy it.
it is also a pain to have it looking immaculate every time I leave and my cupboards are filling up with stuff that is shoved out of the way as there is a viewer coming in a couple of hours.
It is especially annoying as a friend who put their house on the market later than I did have now sold, have had an offer accepted on a house and look like they will be in by Christmas.

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