Saturday, 16 October 2010

The Town

A team of four lifelong friends — Doug MacRay, James "Jem" Coughlin, Albert "Gloansy" Magloan, and Desmond "Dez" Elden, from the tough streets of Charlestown, a neighborhood in Boston Massachusetts — rob a Cambridge bank, taking bank manager Claire Keesey hostage. After her release, Doug follows Claire and they begin a relationship.

A really promising set up to a film with the promise of level of intrigue as Doug and Claire get more and more friendly with the secret that he took her hostage hanging oer them. As she is introduces to more and more of his friends and other hostage takers will she realise what her boyfriend did. Will the tattoo clue she saw during the robbery lead to her an unpalatable conclusion? Will she tell Doug that she thinks one of his friends is a bank robber without realising he is? Will this put her life in danger and how will this affect the friendship between the gang of robbers?

How knows because they decide instead to have lots of guns, shooting and more robberies forsaking tensions for action. A reasonable film but could have been so much better.

The other area that was well used was the scenery of Boston with numerous aerial shots of the down town sky line and the Bunker Hill monument. The shoot out at Fenway Park baseball stadium was another land mark that was used that I had visited and at least when the plot meandered I could admire the scenery and think back to my holiday.

It was also interesting to see the rivalry between the Townies (blue collared Irish immigrant residents) and the Tunies (white collared middle class) with the gentrification of the Charlestown suburb. An interest comment on the movement of people within a city.
And why did we need to know about the tattoo?

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