Sunday, 30 October 2011

Things I have leant this week

1.      Wich means place, it can either be associated with dairy farming or salt production

2.      Dunwich used to be the one of the largest settlements in the East and one of the largest ports.

3.      A large storm destroyed most of Dunwich leaving a bay where there had been a town before

4.      Southwold lighthouse has at least 133 steps and is one of the least well organised tours you can go on

5.      The light on the lighthouse can be seen 16 miles away. If the light is white you are safe, if it is red you are in danger

6.      There is an organisation in Suffolk that promote kite making and flying

7.      Kite surfing looks like a lot of fun

8.      Southwold buried its cannons so that the Germans would not have a pre-text to bomb them in the Second World War

9.      The large areas of open space in Southwold were left as fire breaks after the great fire of Southwold.

10.  There are no pubs in Southwold that are not linked to Adnams

11.  In the winter the population of Southwold shrinks to less than a 1000 due to the number of second homes in the area.

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