Sunday, 30 October 2011


A wedding is an expensive business and when you are spending x thousand pounds you would expect businesses to want your business and have a level of customer service that makes you want to spend your money with them. This however is not always the case. At 1 venue it took over two weeks to provide us with a quote for the wedding. We had popped in for an approximate quote but then spend a lot of time on what meal we would like and then took so long to send it we thought we had been forgotten. In other places we travelled 20 miles to find it was already booked, a fact they couldn’t tell us over the phone. A florist told us there were no blue flowers in spring whilst others have told us there are plenty of options. The photographer we say today kept forgetting what year the wedding was and whilst showing us his work on a HD TV kept worrying about the music he was playing. Maybe think about how you present yourself before your customer arrives. If you want my business present yourself properly.

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