Monday, 21 May 2007


Sarah and I went to Cambridge on Saturday. While we were there we went punting and had an lovely trip down the river while a guide informed us about the history of the bridges and colleges. There were a number of amateur punters out which made it tough for the pro propelling our punt and a few collisions occurred. It was also quite amusing when the wind kept blowing the punt of course. The weather was lovely especially in the sun as Sarah and I drifted down the river I should have been fully relaxed but I wasn't.

Te reason was that Mum nad Nick were sat opposite. In movies the meeting of parents and girlfriend is a tortuous experience. I knew that the day would go smoothly, as both Sarah and Mum have jobs which mean they routinely meet and greet people and engaging in small talk, but was still concerned that they would actually get on rather than acting professionally. Overall I think it went well and both parties reporting positively

When we returned to Norwich Sarah and I went to a Pizza and Puzzles evening which we won. A good day indeed.

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