Saturday, 5 May 2007

This week

This week will be a good because

Mum and Nick came to visit
Mum and Nick came to visit and brought Police Squad (the TV show that was a prequel to the Naked Gun films)
The rose bush in my garden has been flowering madly
It is a bank holiday and Monday is my busiest day of the week
Hustle is back on TV
The cricket is nearly back (because it has been gone a long time)
The coursework marking is just about done
There is a korfball tournament on Sunday
Genius on Radio 4 is starting a new series soon

It will be a bad week because
The weather is going to be wet (although we do need the rain)
Sarah is away till Thursday
The football and rugby seasons have nearly ended for this year
Coursework moderation is a lot like pulling teeth

Have a good week

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