Sunday, 27 May 2007


Last night a group of us went to see Pirates of the Caribbean 3: The World's End and although all of the ingredients were there to make a enjoyable film it merely rated a low okay on the Mortimer Scale of Cinematography. There were sailing ships, sword fights, large storms, pretty girls, swashbuckling men and a complex script so it should have been good.

It fell done on the following points;
1. The script is complex but not in a good way. Rather than be intriguing and making you think, it was incomprehensible with too many twists and turns occurring too quickly and not allowing you to take in the full impact of the plot changes.
2. At three hours long there is only so many chases, fights, speech, chase, fight speech you can have before it gets repetitive. By chopping out some of the unnecessary plot turns mentioned above the could reduce the films length
3. I don't mind unrealistic things happening in films and am perfectly happy watching two ships fight on the edge of a huge whirlpool (impossible to accurately fire a cannon) but ships with holes in the sails should not go faster than ships without and triple barrelled cannons wouldn't work due to the recoil and slow reloading speed. Small, unnecessary details make me think that they are trying too hard and it offends my sensibilities.
4. At no point did someone just kill one of the main characters regardless of how much they hated them, or had been double or triple crossed in the past. The James Bond films used to be like this until Casino Royale, don't talk to him just kill him.
5. People making crap decisions, especially when the three deck warship takes on two single deck warships. When the captain goes mad then 2nd in command abandons the ship instead of opening fire when a three deck volley of cannons would have destroyed both opponents
6. All the dry humour of the original was gone and instead it was just action sequences which ran into each other and not standing out.

Overall a mess worth avoiding.

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