Monday, 21 May 2007


Firstly all of the Yr13 and Yr 11 students I teach will leave school this week and forge a course into the world. Some will return to 6th form but some will leave and I may never see them again and despite the irritation, frustration, hassle and lack of drive they display after two years you will really get to know them and after a while the different years fade together until one wet Wednesday outside the library a cheery voice says "Hello Sir, do you remember me?" and you have to say "Billy?" and in that spirit it is goodbye and good luck to Sophie M, Emily B, James BF, Batchy, Joe H, Marcus P, Heidi G, Harry C, Reece B, Jenny C, Georgina C, Lizzie D, James D, Lewis F, Jason G, Laura H, Rosie L, Chris M, Lucy M, Richard M, Matt N, Leah P, Josh P, Laura R, Tony S, Kim S, Eliot S, James S, Natasha W, Greg W, Weggy, Matt A, Jamie B, David C, Greg C, Sean D, Jack G, Adam H, Vikki K, Kim L, Claire L, Harry L, Lawrence M, Ben M, Chris P, Reece P, Lewis S, Dan S, Sam S and Olivia W and thanks for the memories.

It is also the time when I lose the Yr11's from my form. The Yr 11 students who are leaving were the first students I had to look after when they arrived in their brand new uniforms looking terrified on the first day of term. What they don't know is I was pretty terrified as well. 5 years later they have grown up and have thrived under my tutoring with them all avoiding getting into serious trouble while passing a good number of exams. So goodbye and good luck to Rob M, Chris P, Chris M, Greg W and Piotr.

To all the people I say Never play leapfrog with a uniform. Wise words indeed!

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