Saturday, 2 June 2007

12 things that you never knew about Paris

1. The metro doors always seem to open on the same side unlike the Tube where the station could be on either side of the train.
2. The price of a fibre optic Eiffel Tower is currently 5 Euros and can be bought from any number of people around it
3. Don't use the large popular boat companies for a trip down the Seine as they are crowded and noisy.
4. You queue for the lift to stage two of the Eiffel Tower and then queue again for the lift to get to the top. Overall it took 1 and a half hours.
5. The Eiffel Tower flashes for 10 minutes on the hour at 10 and 11pm
6. Rodin's The Kiss may have been inspired by the Greek legend of a kiss between a brother and sister which doomed both of them.
6. At the top of the Gates of Hell there is a miniature sculpture of The Thinker
7. The Kaiser Chiefs are played a lot in Parisian restaurants
8. Sometimes you can find Jazz quartets riding the Metro.
9. There are many statues of dudes sitting on horses in Paris
10. The Palais Royle Gardens were the best and out bloomed the others that we found
11. Don't overlook the Eglise de St Eustache and the surrounding gardens and fountains.
12. Paris street planning was excellent and the design of the boulevards ahead of time but the buildings are all similar and you can't tell the difference between the different areas on style of building.

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