Tuesday, 26 June 2007

The Gossip

So last night Tom, Emma, Lisa, Scott, Mel and me went to UEA to see The Gossip. This is not a band I had heard a lot of but the write up seemed positive. The evening started in farcical style with the first act called No Bra who is a very tall (6'6") androgynous man/woman who was wore sparkly blue hot pants and a sheer top. His/her hair was passed waist length and seemed to have a bushy moustache. The "signing" was deep in tone, flat, monotone and explicit in a Central European accent. I am not a huge Bob Marley fan but no-one deserves to have No Women, No Crime murdered in such a talentless way.
The second support were called Robots in Disguise. They performed five songs. The last three were passable when they stopped trying to attract all of the local dogs with their high pitched whining and shouting and concentrated on singing! At one point they asked the roadie to come on to the stage and play bass. This was the best song which leads to the question shouldn't he be in the band full time.
The Gossip were okay but as with a lot of gigs lately the balance was wrong. The drums were too loud so the guitars have to be louder meaning the singer should be louder again but this means you get distortion. This means that at least half the times the words were unintelligible. They could have been singing about love, war, relationships, jealousy or root vegetables for all I could tell. Apart from that the drummer and bassist were very good and the singer threw herself around the stage with gusto. The rhythm allowed those in the mosh pit to rock and the whole set had a positive energy. Overall memorable but not for all the correct reasons.

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