Saturday, 23 June 2007

A comparison

Having seen Sarah in action and comparing her to a St Barnabas service highlights problems that the C of E has. The whole service was a lot more personal (church size?) and the first half of the service was open to the interpretation. An example of this was the way Sarah saw a couple of children in the congregation and decided to have a chat with them directly comparing the Eucharist to receiving Christmas gifts that you don't deserve. On further investigation this was an unplanned and off the cuff move thought up during the preceding hymn. She does not hide at the end of the church and but a barrier between herself and the congregation (St B don't do this anymore but they used to). The part of the service that did follow the service book was quite short and apparently Methodist prefer this. Sarah also delivers a mean sermon which is both in depth yet interesting. I have not enjoyed a sermon that much since Russel Stannard and his linking of science and religion. It is interesting to see someone you know at work and I wonder what would happen if she was in my classroom. I suspect I would be more distracted than she was.

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