Wednesday, 8 August 2007

Barry Bonds

Last night the most important record in American sport was broken. Barry Bonds hit a home run to make him the man that has hit most in history. This has been all over the news because he has been accused although not proved of taking steroids and this means that some people see the record as tainted. The evidence seems to be that he has links with the Balco lab who had produced steroids for other athletes and a sudden change in appearance between two seasons where he had increased the amount of muscle tremendously. The issue is further clouded that while the taking of steroids was against the law (I think) it was not against the rules in the sport. It is also clear that some of the pitchers may also have been taking steroids as well to make them throw the ball harder and make it more difficult to hit. The had a man on the TV saying that steroid use would have been incidental as they wouldn't help him connect with the ball properly but I find this argument a bit spurious as they might of had a bit more travel on them making them in to home runs or allowed him to recover more quickly from injury and allowing him more matches to hit home runs in. It was the seventh story done on the Guardian online sports page so it is attracting attention in the UK but after news the Kevin Pierterson is fit to play cricket on Thurs and Sunderland have signed a new goalkeeper. Maybe it was a slow news day.

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