Thursday, 3 April 2008

10 questions

One of the things about going away is that it gives you the opportunity to experience new things and new situations. These are some of the things that crossed my mind while I was away. Put up your hand (Literally or metaphorically) if

1. You think that underground trains should stop fully before the doors open
2. You wondered how much longer it takes the sun to set if you are up 205 metres a TV tower
3. You thought C & A had gone bankrupt
4. You have ruined a pair of trousers on a door handle (that's twice now)
5. You still get freaked out by cars turning right on a green pedestrian light
6. You have wondered if Ford make any effort to sell cars in Germany
7. You have wondered at the point of a language that keeps adding more letters to words and then using nicknames as they are too long (Kurfustendamm = Kudamm and Alexanderplatz = Alex)
8. You thought that Germans didn't have a sense of humour (Just because I can ask for a table in German doesn't mean I want the German version of the menu)
9. You have damaged a watch whilst changing the the time thus being 43 minutes behind local time for three days
10. You have wondered about the policy of rebuilding exact replicas of building destroyed up to 50 years ago

Just me then

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