Monday, 28 April 2008

Reality TV

I had the misfortune so see some of the end of a Simon Cowell show called "Britain called Talent" which seems to focus on members of the public performing bad karaoke and various novelty acts. I found that the reality show was every bit as bad as I imagined. Firstly if I want to hear something sung then the vast majority of time the professional is a lot better. The only fun of karaoke is that someone you know is singing. Most of the novelty acts where one trick wonders. A lot of the acts where so bad that they were laughed from the stage and it reminded me of a form of Victorian freak show. It may severely effect the mental health of the individual if they thought they had some talent. Secondly even if you do make it successful their career will be short and tainted with a reality tag. The most successful act are Girls Aloud but as they don't write their own music they make far less money than people suspect. I also worry that there is an attitude that you can do something for nothing and reality shows will be the answer. No need to work hard - success will be given to you. I would much rather see a program that encourages bands/ singers who have written their own music, toured pubs and clubs to find out what is successful and would appreciate it when they are given a chance to reach the top having had to work for it. Of course this would deliver a lot less cash into the pockets of the TV executives and Simon Cowell's sizable wallet.

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