Thursday, 24 April 2008

The Strike

I has been a quiet day at work with three years missing and some of the teachers but did give us a bit of time to chase Yr11 students for coursework and using lessons that we usually won't have to improve them. The interest has been in the way it has been covered and the level of disinformation that is being put forward. The government has been putting forward the fact the average salary is £34, 000 which includes heads at £100,000 in the equation and also the fact that there are three sets of evaluations that you need to pass to reach that level. ITV announced that only a fraction of teachers supported the strike but failed to point out that over 50% were not even asked if they wanted to go on strike. Comparing teachers to police, fire and nurses fails to take into account that you need to train for four years just to get to the basic pay level and PGCE's being free (currently four years training come with tuition fees at over £3000 per year.) It is always interesting to ask people who are criticising the strike if they would like to volunteer to become teachers and fill some of the vacancies in maths and science in some of the inner city areas but they don't seem to keen! Maybe it is not as cushy as it seems on paper.

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