Sunday, 18 May 2008

It is time for a celebratory jaffa cake and a cup of warm lemonade.

The last week or so have been very busy but now it is done. Yr 11 left on Friday and while I was disappointed to see David, Oliver, Becky, Sarah and Tomasz leave my form I can honestly say that the Yr11 in my Leisure and Tourism weren't that nice and I am not that bothered to see them go. To aid my memory I will put their names so that in future I will cherish the good classes. So it is goodbye to Heather, Kyrie, Ellen, Melissa, Danielle, Conor. Ryan, Harry, Becky, Sarah, Jade, Kayleigh, Hannah, James, Jacob, Aaron, Liam and of course Leon. So after a small celebration it is time to move on. I think and hope I will be more sad about the Yr13's leaving next Friday as I taught some of them for four years and as a group they have a much better personality.

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