Sunday, 18 May 2008

Old Buckenham

I did one of my teaching placements at Old Buckenham High School. They had Ofsted in this week and some of the students decided to bring in a piglet and release it for a prank. As pranks go it is fairly harmless but it makes me laugh as it is the type of place that students could get a piglet. My only surprise is that it was not a chicken as most of the students who don't do A levels end up at Banham Poultry.

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Anonymous said...

I Thort The Prank Was Hilarious. So Many Of The Teachers There Are Taking It So Seriously!! And I No For A Fact The Piglet Was In No Way Harm What So Ever. She Was Very Well Looked After In A Bed With Duvets And Fed Well =)
What Was Your Veiw On The Whole Thing?