Saturday, 3 May 2008

Vote Buffoon

It has often been said that countries end up with a style of politics that they deserve. Looking at what drives a person to vote for you shapes the way the message is presented. When I was in the US i noted that it feels like you are being shouted at all the time (especially in the big cities) so a large amount of money is needed to advertise loudly and attract attention to your campaign. The main criticisms of Blair was that he was style without substance. That he used a cottery of advisers rather than an elected cabinet of ministers or members of parliament. That the speeches and comments had to come through his office rather than letting ministers operate under any freedom. People were constantly critical of the "presidential" style of government and the wish for change. Gordon Brown was seen as the opposite - the message is not always clear or focused with too many trying to be in control. There is no one single vision resulted in u-turns and changes in mind and stance. In many ways having more input into decisions should make for better decision making but it creates a lack of leadership. The idea of removing the 10p rate of tax and altering other tax changes to benefit more people was a good idea but no-one thought about how it looked or was presented.

The latest twist is the election of Boris Johnson to be Major of London. Not polished but not very good and likely to offend anyone at a moments notice. It should be noted that Johnson was the racist British National Parties preferred second candidate. It will be interesting to see if Johnston's incompetence has a negative effect on David Cameron trying to become Prime Minister.

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