Saturday, 4 October 2008

Mitch Benn

In an attempt to have a social life I have taken it upon myself to become the social secretary for the department. Mark Thomas was the first event and last night we went to see Mitch Benn. He can be heard on the Now Show on Radio 4 and is Ask Elvis on Radio 2. He is very funny doing a mixture of political songs and those that that mimic other performers or styles of music. The one song that had me in hysterics was one about when an Aunt came over for tea and he gave her pot, acid and ecstasy. Each verse was performed in the style of the decade associated with the song. So the pot verse was Bob Marley style, the acid verse was in a psychedelic style and the ecstasy verse was in a dance/trance style. The only disappoint was that it is weird to watch music sitting down. If he is performing near you I recommend that yuu go and see him.

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