Monday, 20 October 2008

My frustrating drive around Mile Cross

Every year the Year 11's go on work experience and as their teacher I have to go and visit them, check they are behaving themselves and ensuring that they are completing all of the paperwork that they have to do. I had the address, looked up where it was and arrived promptly on time. Unfortunately the school was all boarded up and was due to be knocked down.

So, I went to the nearest pay phone at Asda and rang the school but the lady in charge of work experience was out doing her own visits. I then tried to ring directory enquires but the pay phone won't let me so so I went to customer service and they lent me a phone book so I established the road it was on but Asda do not sell Norwich maps as it was not a road I had heard of. The people is Asda had a rough idea and with little more than that I set off to a vague area.

After asking people on the street, the lady in the post office and all the people queueing up in Lidl (and boy did that get me some strange stares) I found that I was gradually closing in on this school. Eventually I saw another little news agent stopped and found that they did have maps and that the road I was looking for a tiny cul-de-sac in the centre of a housing development. Just I arrived at the gates 80 mins late I realised that I had to rush to get back to school to teach period 4.

The moral of the story, never leave home without your mobile phone.

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