Monday, 27 October 2008

What a week

The final week has been so busy in a number of ways. Workwise there was an open evening meaning working till past 9pm, a gruelling half term with Ofsted that seemed to go on for ever and the amount and pointlessness of paperwork reaching every skyward. An example of this is when marking books we need to note down when we do peer -assessment ( grading another students work). Why? The students know we did peer assessment as they where there but management don't so the tasks increase workload to benefit management but make little real difference to the students progress. The job that I applied for at British Schools of America has been advertised so I am going to give it one last shot with Boston my favourite location.

This weekend was Kat's wedding to Andy which ran smoothly. It has always been obvious that Kat is attractive but I usually see her wearing sports clothing and running around a korfball hall so the contrast to her in her wedding dress was most marked. It was nice to see Andy let his hair down a bit as he does not spend a lot of time in our social circle and can be quite shy. It was nice as everyone has been busy with new houses, babies and jobs so to have a night out was good to catch up. The only downside was having it on a Sunday which meant that it kind of drifted and petered out as everyone had to leave as they had work the next day until there was a hard core of teachers and close family.

My PC has come down with a malady which means it turns off suddenly and for no reason and won't start again for five minutes or so but the repair can't find anything wrong and the problem only ever occurs in my house.

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