Wednesday, 2 February 2011


A film about death and whether there is a place people go when they die.


The acting especially the little kid and Matt Damon. Despite being lampooned in Teen America for a lack of range he produced a well judged performance especially when he is pleading not to give a reading to Cookery Girl.

The sets - London, Paris and San Francisco all used well show-casing the locations.

Effects - a good tsunami effect

The actress Cecile de France (Cecile of France) actually coming from Belgium.

Clint Eastwood's direction which felt unfussy and allows the characters to act naturally

Not being scared to use sub-titles (treating the audience with some respect)

The final scene


The plot lost the way a bit in the middle and could have used some cropping to maintain the interest

Product placement especially an airline, make of phone and a search engine

The teenagers who were generally teen-agish throughout the film and broke the Kermode-Mayo film code especially running down the aisle to get to the toilet quicker.

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