Sunday, 13 February 2011


Well the time came and went and no email of doom appeared in my pigeon hole. I am tempted to say luckily but the amount of hard work and effort that went it to maintaining the number of people choosing Geography and History in the school means luck was only a small part of it. Some colleagues have decided to take retirement or voluntary redundancy due to their age or home circumstances. The axe appears to have fallen most heavily on the support staff. BEST who do a lot of the parental liaison and individual work with poorly behaved children are being trimmed and when you consider the four of them have worked side by side as a team to find yourself being interviewed for your job against them must be horrendous. It is always easy to suggest that there are too many managers or support staff in the public sector (NHS managers always seem to be hit hardest in the media) but anything that means that front line staff can spend more time on being on the front line is good in my books. This years some of the easy options have been reduced - next year if funding is cut again then they will be cutting deeper and harder.

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