Wednesday, 2 February 2011

RIP DI Barnaby

Despite the strange plots, the incredible death toll, the crazy driving and having a daughter called Cully Midsomer Murders never failed to provide an entertaining couple of hours and most of that is the calming reassuring presence of John Nettles, an actor I have been acquainted with since mum used to swoon over during Bergerac. His solid, dependable, unflappable character with a heavily sacrastic overtone was a joy to watch amongst the strange plot lines. The other characteristic was the strange village names that were on display Elverton-cum-Latterley, Midsomer Magna, Morton Shallows and Burwood Mantle amongst my favourites.

It is no wonder that they were good as early episodes were written by Anthony Horowitz who is responsible for screen-writing a lot of the early Poirot series and Foyle's War as well as a large number of novels.

The final questions include how will he go, with a heart attack like Morse, retired like Frost or buried like Taggart and whether the seires can continue without the major star.

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