Monday, 7 February 2011

The Reduced Shakespeare Company

Does the complete works of Shakespeare in 90 mins (apart from Coriolanus) because it sounds rude. With gags like that and go get them attitude the three interpid actors launched head long into their task. With balcony scenes on step ladders, drowning in cups of water and more than one sword fight the pace was quick with the comedy variable. Trying to combine all of the comedies into one sketch did not really work whislt combinig all of the histories into a rugby match did. Some sketches got the full speeches such as To be or Not be or Be Not or Be To (when they did Hamlet backwards) whilst others did not even get there most famous line. Overall it was a little uneven but with enough laugh out loud moments to have a great evening. Oh and puppets having sex (but more of that in later posts)

The other key moments include all of the female charcters vomiting into the audience when they die, apoligising to the dummy when the knocked it's head against the scenery and having A (and others) shouting how much they want to have babies!!!!!

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