Wednesday, 25 July 2007


So I am going on holiday although adventure sounds a lot better. The plan is to fly to New York and spend about 4 days there, train to Philadelphia for 2 days, train to Washington DC for for 3 days, fly to St Louis meet Sarah and drive to Advance. After spending time in small town America we are then going to visit Sedalia where Sarah grew up before driving to Nashville for 2 days. I then fly to New York and then home.

In this time I plan to, amongst other things, visit Ellis Island, go up the Empire State Building, go to a baseball match, see Sarah in action, have a church picnic, visit a church camp thing (not sure of the details), go to the Missouri State Fair with added rodeo and see an American Football match. Mum has asked for updates to ensure that I am safe so check back soon.

PS MOT was as expected

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