Saturday, 7 July 2007

I won't be posting much for the next couple of week as it is the exam marking season and I pretty much mark when I am awake. A couple of things however

1. Listen to the Now Show, the best satirical show around. The joke about the the Beckham's having problems storing the chairs they used in their wedding "People in crass houses shouldn't stow thrones" and The cabinet has a few new faces such as David Miliband, his brother Ed Miliband and their brother Steve Miiler Band are punnetry of the highest order

2. If people don't start volleying at Wimbledon I am only going to watch doubles. With all the rain there have been lots of highlights of yesteryear and the variety of strokes and tactics was much more impressive and interesting

3. 490 exam papers still to go. Sanity holding

4. I cannot add a title to this post

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Jess said...

I refer you to my blog post entry of 26 June 2007. And did you hear the couple of calls of "Come on, Tim" in the early stages of the men's final yesterday - not quite The Now Show standard; but chuckleworthy nonetheless.