Tuesday, 31 July 2007


The reason for visiting other places is there are a number of things that you assume will be the same but are different. You would imagine that running a railway system would be similar but there are subtle differences. The places that are linked are further away so the trains run less frequently than in England, this leads to a number of differences.

Firstly the train spends at least 20 minutes in the larger stations making sure that everyone gets on.
Secondly everyone going to the same station are all in the same carriage. So everyone in the same car as me got off at the same station.
Thirdly the seating area is huge and I had more space than the when I was flying.
Fourthly the station does not know which gate (platform) the train is coming to until about 2 minutes before it arrives and you hang around in the main concourse until they announce it.

Overall a very smooth journey with lots of room which when the train was out of the major metropolitan areas was very quick. The only disappointment was the landscape was very wooded and therefore I couldn't see much.

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