Monday, 4 August 2008

Did you wake up this morning?

Prescription Medicine Ads on TV are very funny and go something like this

Did you wake up this morning?

Did you need the loo?

Are you going to die in the future?

Then you might have Condition A.

You might need new prescription strength Wonderdrug

Wonderdrug has been clinically proven to stop all wars, cure all diseases and make you a cup of coffee in the morning

Wonderdrug will not cure you if you have a serious illness

In a quieter voice -

Wonderdrug should not be taken if you are male, female pregnant, have high blood pressure, have low blood pressure, have two legs, have one leg, have parents, eat food on a daily basis.

Wonderdrug can have the following side effects - dribbling, dizziness, tiredness, drowsiness and possibly brain death. Consult a doctor for more information.

You start of feeling you might have the symptoms and end never wanting to see a doctor again.

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