Wednesday, 6 August 2008

Mad dogs and Englishmen

I wanted to go the La Brea tar pit museum (and very interesting it was to) but a touch inaccessible. I took the Metro to the nearest point and then pounded the sidewalk for the two miles to the museum. After having a good look around I walked back but as I was walking down Wiltshire there was little shade because it runs East/ West. Doing this in 85 degree heat was not the best idea but it did give me a chance to view LA culture up close from a couple of handy coffee shops. 50% of people seem to be working, whilst the other 50% indulge in cafe culture and try looking as glamourous as possible (both men and women). There are a large number of attractive people in LA but thy also seem to know it and act accordingly with little concern or courtesy for those around them, especially sweaty ones like me.

Going to Santa Barbara tomorrow (Wed), hiring a car on Thurs and driving to San Fransisco stopping in Monterrey on Thurs night. At the start of the trip there were three objectives. Don't get arrested, don't test the medical part of my travel insurance and have fun. The driving gives me the biggest chance of the first two so need to take care as my instincts might be backwards. California also has a habit of just leaving large areas of concrete with few markings in lieu of junctions. By leaving from a small town I hope to avoid roads such as the eight lane freeway the tour took yesterday. Going to try and add pictures to previous posts.

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