Friday, 8 August 2008

Driving in the US

1. As noted earlier by Sarah other drivers are not very polite and at times i thought they might have been trying to steal my suitcase they were so close to the back of me.
2. Driving on the right hand side of the road is definitively the wrong side as if I need to active the controls in the centre then I have just my left hand on the wheel which is weaker and this is therefore more dangerous. Most of the population are right handed.
3. Automatics suck. The problem isthat as I was going uphill a slight increase on the accelerator did not have any effect tehn all of a sudden with no warning the car would shift and accelerate suddenly forward towards what ever might have been there.
4. RV (Winnibago) towing a Jeep, with four canoes on the roof, a moped and three bikes strapped to the back.
5. Being overtaken by two semis - one each side at the same time is scary as the car shakes.
6. Only scared myself once as the angle of the mirror made me thing that the car behind me was to the side of me.

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