Thursday, 14 August 2008

The stupidity of people

The cable car system of San Francisco is proof positive, if it was necessary, that a high percentage of the people in the world lack common sense and should probably be sterilised shortly after symptoms show themselves. The cable cars pass close together and if you are standing on them there are signs up saying turn backpacks inwards and wear them on the chest so they don't stick out too much. Click here to see a picture.
On my journeys around the system I saw a woman with a kid in a papoose arguing that it wasn't a backpack somewhat missing the point. A range of items people also thought were suitable include a large pushchair/stroller, a cello and three suitcases. How the gripmen keep their sanity and don't shout humourous suggestions is beyond me. Oh yeah they don't and are pretty scathing. The system reaffirmed that Italians don't really get queueing/ standing in line.

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