Monday, 15 February 2010

Minibus Test

Well I passed but only just.

It was icy and the roads he takes you down were narrow. It starter well as you have to read a number plate and answer a few questions on the highway code. Getting two wrong did not seem to matter! Around the first corner came the first corner where three learners, 2 parked cars, a parked van, a skip and a blind corner caused almighty chaos. Need to look further down the road was his comment as I found myself backing up (not sure I can see through vans and around corners) but it is all about taking advice and acting on it. I should have started the downhill start in second, did not roll backwards on the hill start but needed two attempts to go forward and need to use my mirrors more. Eventually we get to Brundall and park in the quiet back street ready for a reverse around the corner - only it turns into the M25 and there are about twenty cars trying to get round me during the turn - well it was not close to the apex and frequent stops but we got there. In real life you usually do it fast to avoid annoyance not close to the curb and slowly. Back to school heading west straight into the sun so I could not see anything when the lights on the dash started flicking on and off - are the lights on the outside doing the same is this a hazard? Turning them from Auto to Off seemed to sort it. Back at school and I find I have passed. 5 more years before the next one.

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