Monday, 15 February 2010

Norwich City 3 drew with UEA 2 9:9

The thing with UEA is that as students they are young, pretty fit and very physical. The problem with our team is that we aren't. However we have experience but they learn quickly. We had a lead for most of the game but never more than two goals and usually one. The referee was awarding a lot of penalties for contact ( we had seven -1 at our end which I scored 6 at the other end with Phil scoring three). We also used up all our tricks early on with my most favourite move netting me a goal but sadly they adapted so it only worked once. My second favourite move almost got me a goal but it rolled around the rim. The only contentious issue was when leading by one goal we were awarded a free pass. We used our secret non-standard move and it worked a treat but the referee dis-allowed it as the opponents were too close and he seemed not to play any advantage. In conclusion a fair result. Ache a lot now though.

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