Monday, 8 February 2010

Norwich City 4 beat Norwich City 3 by 5 goals to 3

This tema usually beat us by quite a lot so it was nice to win however it was more their inability to score than our over powering performance. We usually score about 5 goals and concede 10 but they had a lot of shots but just not dropping. It can happen someitmes and is very annoying but that is the beauty of sport. I was able to score early in our opening burst of three goals. We defender was marking me tightly but we were a long way from the basic. A kick nod to a team mate, a feint forward followed by a sprint towards the basket kept hime off balance. Cutting across his trail meant that he was unlikely to get round me and I was bale to take the over the head pass and slot the goal away. The only unsavoury momnet was when we were defending and I was calling out to my team the defensive formation without realising that the ball was at the other end of the pitch. it is considered good manners for your opponent to tell you if the ball has gone and you don't see it. To laugh at them was uncalled for but balanced by the fact we won and I outplayed him.

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