Monday, 1 February 2010

Up in the AIr

The latest offering from George Clooney starting a man who travels the US firing people. In his life he spends as much time on the road(in the air) as possible and has no attachments back in his home town of Omaha, Nebraska. All of his flights and hotels are paid for on expenses and in a time of financial meltdown this has to stop so he has to take the new whizzkid on the road so that they can streamline the operation and do it via video conference. As an experienced traveller he has all the nous and all the loyalty cards to make life easier. This is the film that shows what can happen on the road.
Why I liked this film
1. The aerial shots of cities and landscapes
2. The scenes going through airports - after some of my epic trips I recognised some of the sequences such as choosing the correct lane in security. Children and OAP's always take ages.
3. George Clooney's performance - he was playing himself -as a smooth operator but it is fun to watch
4. The scene where the new girl has to try to fire George.
5. The party scenes
What jarred
1. Te character ark that George went through - for a man so emotional detached he sure changed fast.
2. Product Placement - lots of it
3. The end - I would have loved it if the new girl had had to fire George as the final scene - via video.

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