Sunday, 7 March 2010

James Bulger

There has been a lot written and the only thing that I am glad is I am not making the decision.

They were only ten
but they killed a kid
but they only ten
but they understand right and wrong
but what about the full consequence of their activities
they would have seen that they would have been causing pain
but is it their fault of that of their upbringing
they committed the crime
what about if they change in the future
but it was evil and they can't change
everyone can change to a greater or lesser extent
surely the man who killed his wife and 10 month is more evil as he had full understanding of his actions
no some murders are worse than others
really - taking 3 lives in worse than 1 life
but it/ he was a kid
what about the rights of the parents
but they are inevitably biased
but the loss hit them the most

I can see both sides and have no idea which I agree with most. The only point I do agree with it keeping it private.Everyone has the right to a fair trial and if everyone knows then it won't be. Amusing to see it escalate - last week it was a scuffle at a night club, this week child pornography, next week 9/11 - got to love the tabloids.

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