Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Norwich City 4 lost to Stingers 1 8:7

A really entertaining game where no one team was more than two goals ahead at anyone time and at the end we were doing everything to score and tie the game. We had 8 players which is a bonus and we are generally competitive when that happens. I played ok and scored a nice goal when my defender over-committed and left me unmarked under the post. The rest of the game he played a couple of metres away which means he either respects my ability to get free or did not respect my long shot at all and couldn't be bothered to mark me properly.I hope it was the former.

Our opponents wrote

Another close game for Stingers 1 this week, never really gaining an advantage on Norwich City 4 who equalled us right till the end – however, luck was with us and we managed to get the winning goal right at the end to win 8-7.

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