Tuesday, 23 March 2010


On Thursday the Head is coming to watch. Why he picked me from the department I don't know but it might be that I am about to go through threshold and he wants to see what he is getting. Observations are a chance for management to believe that you are great and a whole load of decisions are based on watching one lesson. Therefore a lot of "extra" effort goes into it to justify and explain what you would do instinctively. There are several buzz words or key phrases you have to include to slightly flavour this years observations to ensure it was different from the last year - this year it is progress. So showing how much progress the kids made in the lesson in relation to the aims of the lesson is the key thing this year. My only issue is getting tongue tied. The observation also ignores Heisenberg's Law that states a process is change by having someone watch it and the presence of the head will affect the way everyone in the room behaves.

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