Monday, 1 March 2010

Norwich City 4 lost to Stingers 1: 10:8

There are a few things that I absolutely hate and not turning up to something that you have committed to is one of them so when two players pull out less than 2 hours before the start leaving us down to 6 I was exceptionally annoyed. We were able to find someone to play that lived nearby but they did not arrive until twenty minutes in. Despite our numerical disadvantage we only lost by two so it could be assumed that with all of our players we might have won and it is annoying that team-mates could let you down like that. I also played rubbish but was against two opponents so there was some reason for this but just was not sharp at all. Finally to top of the poor day I managed to wreck my trainers as the grips on the underneath have come away from the sole. We also might have won if we had not injured one of their players who was not playing well and was replaced by someone with a really good long shot and he scored three goals.

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