Monday, 29 March 2010

Norwich City 4 beat Dragons 2 12:7

Dragons 2 are the worst team in the league. They have had no wins this season so far and have been relegated to a league that they should be in as they are mainly new players. Earlier in the year we beat them 11:1 and they have certainly improved. They also played a couple of players from higher team in their lineup to give them structure and they scored most of the goals and created all the others. I am against this practice on most occasions but for a team that are this bead losing consistently is disheartening. We also seemed to play a very strange game plan with 1 member of our team deciding to not bother marking and taking all of our shots. This led to a very unbalanced feel with everyone out of position pretty much all the time and leading to one team member becoming very frustrated. I scored one goal using my move but had a lot more success drawing people out of position with some good passing. Two matches left this season.

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