Wednesday, 19 January 2011


If a woman goes to law school to free her brother from prison for a crime he did not commit then the levels of suspense in the film are not going to be high.
Is she going to pass the course or might she fail?
Is she going to find the box of evidence that might be destroyed?
Is the evidence going to be enough to free her brother even when they consider he might be an associate?
Are the witnesses going to be proved to be liars?
Despite this it was strangely enjoyable with some nice looking visuals in Massachusetts and competent acting especially from Minnie Driver and Hilary Swank (who I convinced myself was Kirsten Johnson). The character of Kenny Waters had a few laughs and altogether it was a solid film. The only point of suspense was who actually committed the murder but as it was based in a true story and the case is still open they could not answer that.
In real life Kenny was killed six months after release when he fell from a 15 foot wall he was walking along the top of.

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