Wednesday, 26 January 2011


A story of a woman training for two separate ballet roles one pure and good, the other dark and sinister or a woman claiming her life from her domineering mother and maturing rather later than others or a woman;s breakdown into mental illness or a horror movie. I suggest you watch the film to decide.

The use of suggestive imagery to try and represent multiple themes is prevalent throughout the film from the murdering of her alternate/ understudy as a sign that she had put aside the worries of competition to the attacking of her mother depicting the choice to have a full and longer career. The main idea is that the nothing is at seems and everything has a double or treble meaning.

At the end of the film A and I had a discussion about whether or not a film such as this can be entertaining. I prefer a film to be more straightforward and if there is any imagery in the film it is designed to trick the viewer rather than to hide more subtle messages. If there is to be escapism then it is to far away lands and improbable tails rather than the inside of a tortured soul. On the other hand A likes a film that can be analysed in seventeen different ways and happily reads books dealing with the work of social workers.

In conclusion the acting was good and what Natalie Portman but herself through, or at least appeared to, was immense. The plot was winding and twisty and posed a number of theoretical issues to debate and consider but was it entertaining? Reasonably but maybe the subject of ballet just made it lack a little something.

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