Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Surveyors - Angry 1

My buyer has decided to lower the offer based on the survey she undertook and I feel it is negligent in truly assessing the value of the house as is so full of caveats its sole aim seems to be to cover his own back. For instance - the house may suffer from damp but there is no obvious source. (I couldn't find any damp but just in case I will mention it) It is also full of some non-sequiters such as the house was visited on a fine day...the guttering is rusted and leaks. It doesn't leak, it is rusty but it will do the job. The house does not have a mini circuit breaker - this is not a building regualtion but will make the house safer.
Ultimately this is not a new house but how politik is it to argue over £3000 in a market like this. After all taking it off the market may not result in a higher price and there is no guarentee that a different surveyor would not find more wrong. It may be useful to take this but demand some goodwill in return. After all it would be nice to live here until the new house is ready.

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