Monday, 3 January 2011

Horsey Gap

Horsey (pronounced Hawsey not Horse-y) is a very small village on the North Norfolk Coast where there is a small gap through the sand dunes. It would be particularly unremarkable if not for the seals that have decided that the beach is a perfect place to give birth to their pups. With a lot of other people we decided to go and see the seals today. After having a drink at the strangest coffee shop in Norfolk (and that is saying stuff) walked out to the dunes and found a pretty neat set up. The beach is roped off but you can walk along the dunes and see all of the pups. There is a seal warden there to supervise, although this did not stop people stepping over the barrier to get a closer look! The seals arrange themselves all the way along the beach so it is easy to see them. We also saw a barn owl on the way home to add to the experience.

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